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About us

When I graduated from nursing school, I decided it was time for me to start learning the things I wanted to learn just for me. Yes I had to learn my new career and field, but I wanted to expand upon my hobbies and try new ones.

Fast forward two kids and a transition to being a stay at home mom, and I have continued to try new things and have loved all the creative outlets I've tried. However, in those early days of working, I had 4 days off a week, as I worked 3 12hour shifts each week. My husband had a traditional 9-5 job, so I had plenty of time to walk the dog and dig into my sewing hobbies. I loved piecing quilts together and exploring color options. I can remember being a little girl and loving colors and patterns. Quilting was a perfect hobby option for me...except again, those two kiddos came along. Life became wonderfully more full, and harder to find time to intricately cut out and piece all of my projects together. While I still love to sew, I now prefer projects that can easily be finished in naptimes or after the kids go to bed.

Enter Soapmaking.

Wow, there is a WHOLE WORLD of color and pattern options. I love making and crafting new recipes and playing with colors in an entirely new and exciting way. The thrill of unmolding a new soap and seeing how the color swirls or layers turned out is so fun for me! I love playing with the scent variations, sizes, making new molds, and just having options galore at my fingertips.

And then, the simple hobby turned into something incredible! Friends came over, saw my soaps, and offered to buy them. And then more friends. Then friends of friends. Within our first year, we sold over a thousand bars of soap! And yet each new batch is just as carefully crafted in batches of 25 just like my first sets, with all the love and exploration that got me into this hobby.

So, please let me share this fun hobby with you. After all, we all need to wash our hands or take a shower! With no junk in these soaps, you can feel great about the time and effort put in, and the chemicals left out.

Thank you for checking out Chickadee Soaps, and I hope you can find something that you will try and love!!

Emily Christiansen